Thursday, October 8, 2009

Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Surfing is enjoying larger worldwide appeal than ever. Perhaps no two people have been more important to the phenomenal growth than the Campbell Brothers, Duncan and Malcolm. In December of 1970, the Campbell Brothers, two teenagers working in their garage in Oxnard, California, designed the first tri-fin surfboard, the archetype for the modern surfboard. They called their design the Bonzer.
The idealistic Campbell Brothers encountered the large-scale, cutthroat industry of surfboard manufacturing in the mid-1970s, and subsequently decided to pursue a course that was driven by selflessness, mindfulness, and their desire to openly share knowledge. Over the next two decades, the Campbell Brothers--with Malcolm living in California and Duncan on Oahu’s North Shore—refined designs for 3-fin and 5-fin Bonzers. Today, Bonzers are ridden all over the world by both amateurs and top professionals.
Check out them out on the web here.
Video from Duncan Campbell at
Bonzer demonstration by Daniel Jones (goofy-foot) and Mikala Jones (regular-foot).

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