Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You want to see this documentary by Gianluca Migliarotti about the Neapolitan tailoring tradition. DVDs can be purchased online at The Armoury or Drake's.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Saint James S/S 2012

It only happens twice a year, but it's a day-brightener for you when you open your mailbox, its hinges rusted from the salt air, and find an envelope containing the Saint James media kit. (It is, after all, the little things.) The French clothier, whose motto is, "Né de la mer" ("Born of the sea"), consistently produces some of the best lookbooks out there. Below are the images--both for men and women--for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. Looks for the ladies can be found here

Saint James S/S 2012 for the Mademoiselles

Saint James' playful beach style is so good. Here are the images from the Spring/Summer lookbook for the ladies.

Alden Indy Boot in Suede Marble for Très Bien Shop

You're obviously late to the party; these are sold out. However, they're just too good, so this entry is for posterity. While you love your Natural Chromexcel Indys, you're really feeling the look of marble suede on crepe/leather sole.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Interview: Jack Uesugi of a1000x

a1000x (A Thousand Times) is the brainchild of Hawaii high school junior Jack Uesugi. The goals are simple: to showcase and promote artists, to produce interesting products, and to highlight and help good causes around the world. As if you needed another reason to check them out, a1000x is kicking things off by giving away an iPad 2. Just ‘like’ them on Facebook for a chance to win. Mr. Uesugi recently took some time to sit down with Things Is Cool to discuss being a young entrepreneur, his love of art, and the desire to give back.  

THINGS IS COOL: All right. Let’s get into this. What is a1000x?

JACK UESUGI: a1000x basically means that whatever you do, you want to do it big. When we came up with the idea, we wanted to say, “Whatever you do, do it a thousand times better. Put a thousand times more effort in.” It’s a website that will allow us to promote artists and spread local [Hawaii-based] art throughout the community, to market the artists, and to print and sell shirts that the artists design. The idea of the whole project is that I love art, but I’m not much of an artist myself. I prefer the business side of it, and I know a lot of artists and am fortunate to have a number of resources. My family has a screen-printing business and my mom is a photographer. It just seemed dumb to not jump on the opportunity.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Latitude Supply Co.

The four guys who make up Latitude Supply Co. are launching the brand's debut collection, which consists of shorts, pants, shirts, and outerwear.  All of the nautically inspired pieces are made in downtown Los Angeles. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stone Island Outerwear Sale

Some great pieces are on sale at Stone Island. You've selected a few outerwear highlights. It would be a tough decision, but you would definitely be keeping warm in one of these if you lived somewhere cold. 
43451_DAVID – OVD

Monday, January 23, 2012