Monday, December 28, 2009

John Lawrence Sullivan

1. The Sportsman.
John Lawrence Sullivan (1858-1918) was an American heavyweight boxing champion in both the bare-knuckle and gloved eras. The son of Irish immigrants, "The Boston Strongboy" began as an illegal street-fighter before touring the United States as a prizefighter and defeating hundreds of challengers. He also went on to win international title bouts, withstanding up to 75 rounds of brutal pounding. His tremendous celebrity helped to popularize the sport of boxing and made it viable to the mainstream media.

2. The Fashion Label.
Formerly a professional boxer, Arashi Yanagawa (b. 1975) embarked on a second career upon retiring from the ring. He taught himself to design clothes, which he does for his label, John Lawrence Sullivan.


Anonymous said...

What a strange juxtaposition - boxing and fashion design.

Unknown said...

Great pairing.