Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mikael Kennedy Photography

Mikael Kennedy twice maxed out his credit card buying Polaroid film when the company announced it was stopping production. You're thankful he did. His images include everything from moody impressions of misty landscapes to ambling, contemplative figures.

Kennedy's Polaroids can be viewed on his blog, Passport to Tresspass or, if you are in New York City, at the Peter Hay Halpert Gallery, which has assembled an exhibition of 500 Polaroids entitled Shoot the Moon.
Some of Kennedy's non-Polaroid photography can be viewed in a collection called The Odysseus, which chronicles the varied perspective of a solitary, wandering character. Kennedy describes the series as "a journey through the vistas of America...for a renewed vision of the land, a vision that carries both the excitement and isolation of exploration."

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