Monday, April 26, 2010

Robert Marc "Harbour Island" Collection

From Robert Marc:

“Robert Marc’s new collection is influenced by the lush, organic scenery of Harbour Island, Bahamas. The balmy tones and rich textures that make up the natural landscape and quaint, rustic architecture of this Caribbean sanctuary have been interpreted into a fresh, sophisticated eyewear collection infused with serene elegance and subtle exoticism.

"The colors and materials of this collection celebrate diverse elements of Bahamian island life. Nature-inspired motifs paired with soft pastels allude to the muted, sun-faded colors of the Colonial-style cottages that dot the island. An intricate, asymmetrical cross-hatch pattern brings to mind the seductive sight of palm leaves being interwoven by the oceanic breeze. A dark peppercorn-inspired speckled material that appears porous like coral, as well as a new bamboo print provide interesting aesthetic counterpoints to traditional tortoiseshell. By layering textural patterns and shades, Robert has innovatively transformed solid, smooth acetate into an array of exciting, detailed textiles.

"The new Limited Edition “Raffia” Collection is the ultimate coalescence of old world craftsmanship with modern design. An ultra-thin sheet of hand-woven raffia has been layered onto the temple material and finished with a clear crystal acetate coat. The surface tension between the coarse texture of the raffia, the smooth, polished acetate exterior and the iconic ruthenium hinge is unexpected and aesthetically striking. The limited edition collection is available in three warm, earthy, sun-kissed tones”

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