Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage Gokey Canvas/Leather Tote

You felt as though you should throw this gem out there.
Gokey's was a longtime purveyor of trad clothing and necessaries for the outdoorsman. The Minnesota-based outfit was purchased by Orvis in 1990, and its St. Paul store, a fixture for years at 21 West Fifth, was closed in 1992. However, Orvis still stocks Gokey shoes and accessories. For more on the continuing Gokey tradition of quality craftsmanship, click here.
Gokey Company, 1966.
August Jantz making boots in the Gokey Boot Shop, St. Paul.


gringo jack said...

I've got a pair of Gokeys that have lasted me for nearly 25 years. Even here in México, where "good taste" usually runs toward European design, folks often ask me about them. In college, I wore them every day for 6 years (just a B.A., but damn, it was a good 6 years.) And, they're only on the 3rd sole. I think they may last forever. You've inspired me. I'm going to blog about them, soon.
(Just found your blog. It's very interesting.)

Things Is Cool said...

Love to hear that kind of stuff. Glad to have helped you find some inspiration. Thanks for the kind words, amigo.

gringo jack said...

hey, I found it, again. (The Blogoshpere is confusing to a newbie.) Thanks for this post. I'm about to order.

albina N muro said...

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