Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Philip Johnson. Baker Center for the Arts, Muhlenberg College (1976).

A master of modern architecture, Philip Johnson designed this building for the campus of Muhlenberg College. Its main feature is the 220-foot, glass-ceilinged galleria, which serves as a thoroughfare. The building also houses a theater/auditorium, lecture/recital hall, art gallery space, studios for painting, drawing, and sculpture, class and seminar rooms, faculty offices, music studios, and practice/rehearsal rooms. More here and here, and in the November 1977 issue of Architectural Record, if you can get your hands on it.
All but the first three photos are from Lawrence Biemiller.


Sct Snyder said...
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Scott Snyder said...

I get to go to work in this building every day, as the marketing manager for Muhlenberg's Theatre & Dance Department. It's a privilege.

Thanks for the nod!

Things Is Cool said...

Thanks for chiming in, Scott. For the record, T.I.C.'s headquarters are not nearly as impressive.

Unknown said...

I love these photos, brings me back.