Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lotuff & Clegg Carry All

You were fortunate to get your hands on Lotuff & Clegg’s Signature Carry All, something you desired since you first saw it. The bag did not disappoint. It’s not often that you’ve encountered an item with stand-alone personality, which you realize may be a completely ridiculous statement, but how else can you describe what happened when you put it down and people—everyone from co-workers to unknown passersby—stopped to regard it, as they might do with an exotic sports car?

Although it is utterly impressive, the Signature Carry All is not flashy. There are no elaborate patterns or weaves; it is not emblazoned with logos. Its straightforward design is a reflection of the company that manufacturers it. Joe Lotuff and Frank Clegg are continuing traditions of New England craftsmanship. Mr. Lotuff’s father was in apparel manufacturing, while Mr. Clegg’s father made leather goods. As a brand, Lotuff & Clegg is doing it the old-fashioned way, making leather products by hand in their Fall River, Massachusetts, factory. And your Signature Carry All came directly from them to you.
It was made, as are all Lotuff & Clegg products, from the highest quality leather. Hides are vegetable tanned and dyed using organic elements by master tanners. It was immediately apparent to all five of your senses that only the finest materials went into the bag’s creation.
As a piece of luggage, the Carry All could not be more straightforward. Its main compartment, which includes interior zippered pockets at the front and back, is large enough for the average weekend trip. The large leather flap closure is cinched with two straps that encircle the bag and buckle at the front. It can be carried comfortably by a top handle or a removable shoulder strap. Each piece of brass hardware is not only sturdy, but functions effortlessly.
But no matter how much you discuss the Carry All’s excellence in functionality, construction, or materials, that’s not what makes the bag. It’s certainly not the reason why it changed the landscapes of the rooms into which you carried it. No. Like so many of the finest, most luxurious things, it captivates the discerning beholder with beautifully simple, understated, timeless elegance.

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