Friday, November 12, 2010

Interview: Beschränk dich nicht

Earlier this year, Li-Din Liu founded Beschränk dich nicht, a brand that is driven to create innovative and refreshing design . After two years of hard work and concept development, Beschränk dich nicht’s first bag series, the Polygon Pop Up, is officially released. The concept of the series lies in duplicating different polygonal shapes and layering them to fit and transform to different bag styles. The collection includes the Trapezoid Pop Tote, Triangle Pop Shoulder Bag, and Square Pop Wallet. Li-Din Liu was kind enough to answer some questions from Things Is Cool.

THINGS IS COOL: First of all, what does the name, Beschränk dich nicht, mean? How did you come up with it?

BESCHRÄNK DICH NICHT: We want to create different and innovative products, so we named our brand Beschränk dich nicht. It means, "do not limit your possibility." It not only represents the brand’s philosophy but also represents the attitude toward life.

T.I.C.: Who is behind Beschränk dich nicht?

B.D.N.: Right now it is still a small team. I am the founder and designer and am mainly responsible for design and marketing. Cheng-Kuen Liu is responsible for the web design.

T.I.C.: Where is the company's home base?

B.D.N.: We are based in Taiwan.

T.I.C.: When did the brand get started?
B.D.N.: Two years ago, I had the chance to be involved with the production of bags. Because of my interest in fashion and desire to create unique products, I decided to found Beschränk dich nicht and start with a bag collection. Because we demanded only the highest quality, we faced many difficulties through the production. But after modifying again and again, the first collection finally released in September 2010.
T.I.C.: What does the future hold for Beschränk dich nicht?
B.D.N.: We will keep focusing on the products and creating more interesting designs. I hope to offer more variety in our future lines. The next collection will still be a bag collection, but with a brand new concept.
T.I.C.: Are there plans in the works to make the product lines available through retailers?
B.D.N.: For now, we are in the process of promotion and developing relationships with suitable stockists. Interested parties can mail to or We are always glad to hear of people's interest.

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