Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sheep Breed: Swaledale

Swaledale sheep are named for the Yorkshire valley of Swaledale. They live in the mountainous areas of Great Britain, focused predominantly in County Durham, Yorkshire, and the lower fells of Cumbria. The Swaledale has proved itself to be a bold, able-bodied, and hardy sheep breed. These sheep are of medium build with black faces (sometimes speckled with white), and both males and females grow curled horns. They are well-fitted to endure the hardships of exposed and high-lying situations. Swaledale ewes are excellent lamb rearers. Their off-white coats are thick, straight, and coarse and they produce wool that is durable in wear and of even texture. Being excellent feeders and of strong constitution, as mutton producers they are second to none.

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