Monday, January 31, 2011

Metro Retro Ties

Metro Retro Apparel is a menswear brand founded in 2008 by Kamrul Hasan. Their online shop recently went live, and while stock of jackets, shirts, vests, and pocket squares is still filling in, a complete selection of ties made from silks, cottons, and wools is already on offer. Mr. Hasan recently passed along three English wool four-in-hand neckties for you to sample.

You were quick to notice the subtle textural differences in the three: the red plaid has tiny diagonal ridges in the weave, the black has a micro-check pattern, and the green plaid is smooth. At 57 inches in length and hovering between two-and-a-half and three inches in width, Metro Retro is finding the right balance in size and slimness. The ties appear to be silk-lined three-fold construction, and they certainly feel durable enough to stand up to extended wear, provided you don't regularly leave the top down on the 1957 Porsche 357 A Speedster on the way to the lawn club.

The brand takes great pride in its wide selection of unique fabrics and prints (although some of these are a bit loud for your taste) as well as the fact that their products are handcrafted in Brooklyn, which may help to explain why price points may seem high to some (wool neckties are around $95). But the bottom line is that Metro Retro ties are versatile; they can be dressed up or down and worn with casual ease from the office straight out to dinner.


Anonymous said...

This is on Nickel Cobalt's page on Tumblr! It's a really nice picture. It got 124 Notes.

Things Is Cool said...

Thanks, mate. Stoked to be on N/C. I have to thank Nico for that.