Thursday, January 20, 2011

Original Stone One (and verison "Parure") by Aquamass

Elvis Pompilio designed "The Stone One" for Aquamass, the Brussels-based manufacturer of the most elegant bathtubs you've ever seen. Here it is:
You're transfixed by its minimalist brilliance, but Mr. Pompilio wasn't satisfied with "transfixed by its minimalist brilliance." He wanted your head to explode, which is why he created the "Parure" version by adding LED backlighting behind strings of crystals and pearls. Now you can take your bath game to a psychedelic jellyfish level.


EMJ said...

Perfect timing. Did you know that we are shopping for a new bathtub? I should also commend for you for avoiding the easy jokes about the designer's name. I would not have been as mature.

Things Is Cool said...

No idea you were looking for a bathtub.