Friday, January 21, 2011

Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

Outlier, the Brooklyn-based maker of clothes to bike (and move) in, released this rain shell yesterday. It's made of Supermarine Cotton, a World War II fabric with a 21st century twist. It's highly water resistant, extremely breathable and made of the longest Egyptian staple cotton available. The fibers are woven together in a complex and dense weave that swells up and seals when exposed to water. The four way construction and full sleeve zippers allow for freedom of movement and ventilation. Details include envelope pockets, half pit zips, a full view hood and a front Riri Aquazip.

The Storm King Parka marks the launch of Outlier's Supermarine Cotton collection.


LLP said...

Looks like many others made in Gortex. But I like the idea of cotton.

Things Is Cool said...

Agreed, GP.