Saturday, February 12, 2011

At Duckie Brown F/W 2011...

Perennial favorites of yours, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown, have again succeeded at striking perhaps the most exciting balance in menswear design: meshing the playfulness of wild imagination with the classic, uber-tailored silhouette. Their most recent presentation at New York Fashion Week began with a dash of the former, a smoke grey “front arm” sweater, which gives the impression that the model's arms are unconventionally attached. While they continue to play with proportion in the form of flannel wrap and eight-pleat trousers or the overlong sleeves and deeply dropped necklines on several Ts and sweaters, Cox and Silver juxtapose such pieces with perfectly trim, flawlessly tailored jackets and overcoats. Though they exhibited a range of colors and textures, the materials of winter—tweeds, twills, cashmeres, flannels, and shearlings, to name a few—were also prominently displayed. That Mr. Cox believes this to be Duckie’s most beautiful collection is not without cause; it is a complete collection that highlights the many strengths of a tremendously talented duo. Honestly, if the only show you saw each season was Duckie Brown, you would go home happy.

Images: GQ.

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