Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On Supporting Japan

About two weeks ago, you had the very good fortune of meeting up with your friend, Liz, for a bubble tea in Honolulu. Liz is an architect who lives in Kyoto, Japan, and she is currently working toward a doctorate in disaster recovery. Needless to say, after having visited New Orleans and Sichuan Province, her focus (along with that of the rest of the world) has shifted to Japan's own recovery. She was kind enough to pass along the names of several charitable, non-profit organizations that immediately and effectively help those in need. Check them out.
Second Harvest, a Tokyo-based food bank, may be one of the best.
Peace Winds.
Architecture for Humanity, for the focus of long-term recovery.
Peace Boat.
Global Giving. The money that they raise internationally is redirected to a number of organizations working locally.


Unknown said...

Supporting organizations such as the three listed here is a much better way to have one's contributions reach those in need most directly. Thank you for presenting these.

Things Is Cool said...

Absolutely. Thanks to Liz for bringing them to our attention.