Friday, August 12, 2011

Great point.

You're thankful to have had the chance to put your ping-pong skills to the test this summer by battling a couple of your friends, Jesper and Douglas, who happen to be Swedish and happen to be talented table tennis players. They would not call this a coincidence, and the video below may be proof. Whatever the case, when it was cloudy or the surf was terrible (sometimes the case in southwest France), it was hours of all-out, shot-making intensity betwixt the lot of you.   


Anonymous said...

Insane point! Waldner got the Doug-ballin going on. just blocking his opponent out. Damn, if I only had me one of those tables... Id play all day, every day. /J

Things Is Cool said...

Walder is almost casual after hitting some of those defensive lobs. If you get that table, I'm there.

Doug said...

I really need to play some ping pong right now ;D