Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dolbeau | Madras Tie

From the department of What You're Rocking/Peep Your Steez/Boom! comes "Julien's Japanese Madras Tie" from Dolbeau, a Montreal-based purveyor of seriously fresh accessories--ties, scarves, lapel pins, and bracelets. It's the kind of stuff that adds zing to your daily look, and this little madras piece that they kindly sent over is a prime example. A collaboration with author/artist Julien Smith, the tie is cut from 100% Japanese madras cotton and is tipped with eco-friendly Japanese Bemberg cupro. Its lining is in two layers, brushed cotton and spun horsehair, which give the tie an easy, pliable feel and a lightness appropriate to the warmer months. It is available in six different colors and patterns, and the width is spot-on at 2.75 inches. In case you need additional incentive, each tie is individually cut and sewn by hand in Canada.

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