Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ignoble | Marion Tombs Backpack

At first you think the 29-liter Marion Tombs Backpack (11.5” W x 22” H x 9” D) from Ignoble might be too big, but then again, all of your weekends are three days long, so it’s perfect.  You didn't perviously carry your own stuff, but with this bag you're into it.  

With its deep and capacious primary pocket, the Marion Tombs does not try to control you with a heavy regulatory environment.  Ignoble opted for a large, dual-zippered trout mouth for top access to the main compartment.  After repeated use, you adjust to the top entry and discover that it works pretty well.  However, just one side zipper--to allow another access point--would make the bag perfect.  You quickly discover and grow to depend on the internal hanging pocket, but there is an assortment of nooks and crannies for additional storage.  The two side pockets are larger than you would expect and one pocket easily holds glasses case, toothbrush, and phone charger. The zippered front stash pocket makes it easy to access The Brothers Karamazov, Man’s Search for Meaning, or whatever light reading you happen to be toting around.  The laptop sleeve (11” W x 14” H x 4” D) holds your computer safe and in place; although, you are starting to forget why you keep bringing it with you. 

The compression straps on both sides are useful if only to hide from your gracious hosts the overindulgence of your packing job or the booty with which you’ll abscond upon your departure.

The more you use the Marion Tombs Backpack, the more realize this is the bag you have been missing.  The craftsmanship (it is entirely made in the USA) and quality of materials (fully-lined 200D nylon construction) are apparent and make a difference as you use the bag more and more.  It’s most definitely built to last.  It's lightweight (at about 1.5 lbs.), but when fully loaded it holds a significant amount of weight very well.  In fact, those three-day weekends might as well swell to four days.  You've got the room. 

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