Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stussy x Dashwood Books | "Pools by Craig Fineman"

Hats off to Stussy and Dashwood for this one. Pools by Craig Fineman is a new book featuring a series of black-and-white photographs from the late 1970s by influential skate and surf photographer Craig Fineman. It's the result of a collaborative effort between Jules Gayton and your good friend, Duncan Campbell. Fineman was a lifelong friend of Duncan's and left him in charge of his archive of photographs.

From Stussy:
"Known for his artistic approach to photographing the burgeoning late ’70s surfing and skateboarding scene, Fineman took into consideration the overall aesthetics of a photograph. Unique angles and composition, intertwined with an almost architectural feel were hallmarks of Craig’s work. To further enhance said elements of his photography, we chose to present each photo in a distinct way offering a feel of the gravity of the situation, while highlighting the gracefully flowing movements taking place."

Stussy also printed a series of t-shirts with Fineman's photographs to compliment the special edition book. Check it all out here.  

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