Monday, July 1, 2013

Beckett Simonon | Graham Desert Boot

The story behind Beckett Simonon is an interesting one. You may remember twenty-something Colombian entrepreneurs Andrés Niño and Nicholas Hurtado from Hasso, a longtime T.I.C. favorite. The two launched Beckett Simonon in 2012. The idea is simple: design and produce affordable shoes (all styles are currently under $90 and include free shipping) and sell them directly to customers online. For the visual learners, it looks something like this:
The bottom line is that by keeping overhead low (think: skeleton team, no PR) and eliminating the middle man, consumers save big on quality shoes. 

The boys at Beckett Simonon generously passed along a pair of their newest style, the Graham Desert Boot in "Tan Waxed" leather, and it does not disappoint. It's their take on the classic Clarks style, with the most notable (and stylish) change being the addition of a red brick sole. These are going to wear in beautifully, both aesthetically (as the leather ages and develops a patina) and from a comfort standpoint (as the leather lining conforms to your foot). You've had a chance to pound the pavement in them for a short time now, and neither the shoes nor your feet are any worse for wear. The Graham Desert Boot is available in three colors.