Monday, October 26, 2009

Montana Watch Company

You might think you recognize these watches from any number of photographs in any number of Ken Burns' documentaries about 19th century America. Such watches might have been on the grainy wrists of Union officers or Western frontiersmen. But you can't remember now. You fought to stay awake through umpteen hours in the name of learning and in order to support public television. Alas, the soft banjo underscoring lulled you to sleep.

No, you're not familiar with these watches. Two to three hundred of them are currently made per year in Livingston, Montana, by Montana Watch Company. Founded by Jeffrey Nashan, the company's mission is to "rebuild the great American heyday of watchmaking one watch at a time, to rekindle the spirit of the West and produce high quality American timepieces."
Brigadier Field Watch.
Model 1930 with Western Single-Point Engraving.
Officer's Watch.

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