Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Longwing

These quintessentially American shoes are powerhouse. They stare down potential buyers and clients with a stern look that says, "Business in the front, business in the back." With no time for wavering or weak handshakes, they down their Laphroaig 15-Year and are on to the next deal. With a heavy sole that roots them firmly in the earth, they do not back down. Incompetence and laziness are not tolerated. And why should they be? Listen here, guy, these shoes didn't get to this level working mere 40-hour weeks.
Allen Edmonds "Macneil"
Florsheim by Duckie Brown "Brogue"Alden x Leather Soul "Red Soul Longwing"
Alden x Leather Soul "Cognac Soft Calf Flex Longwing"
Alden x Leather Soul "American Longwing"

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