Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moos Tailored Basics

Koen Tossijn is Moos Tailored Basics. He's based in Amsterdam, and he makes custom jeans for the people around him. You could be one of those people; you could be wearing bespoke jeans. It's the good stuff, too: 14-ounce, indigo-dyed, Japanese selvedge denim with a button handmade from copper and enamel. Mr. Tossijn not only aims to bring back the relationship between maker and wearer, but he's also making a play to bring back bartering. If you can't pony up the 380, Mr. Tossijn will consider a trade for something that you believe to be of equal value, something that will make his "horizon a little wider." So for you old-school bartering types, that probably means no chickens, molasses, or spare wagon wheels.

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