Thursday, September 30, 2010

Timex Originals

The Originals Collection is the newest from Timex. It takes its inspiration from the brand's extensive archives, going back to the mid-ninteenth century when it was the Waterbury Clock Company. If you want to learn more about these designs, including the research that went into their creation and how the vintage styles were reinterpreted for the modern wearer, then the video has you covered. If you're interested in purchasing, here's a list of in-store and online retailers.
Timex Easy Reader Modern Originals. $60.
Timex Originals 1900s Inspiration. $95.
Timex Originals 1970s Inspiration. $125.


Junctioned said...

That 1970's piece is a must own. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a link where i can view the entire collection and purchase?

Things Is Cool said...

They are available for purchase either in-store or online from several of the retailers listed here:

Just click on your retailer of choice to see selections.

Matt Fox said...

Love the first three!

Andrew said...

Love the first one the most, haven't been able to find it anywhere!

Things Is Cool said...

It's one of the "Modern Originals" (model number: T2N383). You might want to call Bloomingdale's/Nordstrom/Lord & Taylor to see about getting that style.