Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wayne Zebzda: Excerpts from ROADTRIP

Artist Wayne Zebzda was born in Connecticut, relocated to the west coast to attend the San Francisco Art Institute, and has spent the last two decades living and working on Kaua'i. The following images are excerpted from his exhibition entitled ROADTRIP, which was shown at The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu (2008), The Maui Arts and Cultural Center (2009), and Galerie 103 (2009). It is a continuously evolving series of works in a variety of media.
Caution! Magician Ahead, 2008. Digital solvent inkjet print on vinyl and aluminum.
Suit for Night Walking, 2009. 3M reflective sign material sewn on industrial cover-alls, hanger.
Watch video here.
Stop Throwing Signs, 2007-8. Road signs, D.O.T. debris.Laws of Attraction (Part One), 2007. Highway road lines (metal tape and reflective glass beads).
Neither Here Nor There, 2008. Digital solvent inkjet print on vinyl on aluminum with D.O.T. debris.
(Top, mounted on wall) Feelings, 2009. Ceramic road domes installation.
(Bottom, installation) Feel the Beat, 2009. Polyester resin ball with recycled reflective road bumps, audio soundtrack of recorded road bumps and traffic sounds.
Recording and more images here.
Gawker, 2009. Recycled damaged guard rails and solvent inkjet prints on vinyl on aluminum.
Who's Driving?, 2007. Found steering wheel, metal rust, dirt, patina.
Road Trip, 2007. Digital solvent inkjet print on vinyl and aluminum.
I Dig My New Office, 2009. Installation with desk and chair.
Suit To Disappear In, 2009. Suit, highway paint, glass beading, hanger.

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