Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chopper Fever

Chopper Fever is a completely American made and produced brand featuring selvedge Japanese and Cone denim, outerwear, custom made jewelry, hats, accessories, button ups, tees, and long sleeve menswear.  They focus on quality details and styles that incorporate the new and the old using vintage dead stock fabric and limited runs.  You can easily see how they draw their inspiration from vintage Americana, heritage workwear, and custom motorcycle culture.  Chopper Fever is an offshoot of Sunrise Cycles, a Los Angeles-based full custom Harley Davidson shop.

This is the future of the motorcycle industry.  This up-and-coming generation of young builders who are bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences--skateboarding, punk rock, a hint of grunge, a sense of fashion that doesn’t consist solely of leather and fringe--to the freedom that comes with two wheels and the open road.  These days it’s not uncommon to see a lad with a big, bushy beard, cuffed blue jeans, RayBans, and flannel out and about on a rebuilt vintage Harley. This is an industry that not too long ago was saturated with extravagant bikes built for form over function, and many builders were claimed in the recession.  As a result, the years since have seen a resurgence of old school bobbers and the like.  Sunrise Cycles and their brothers in arms build bikes that are stripped down to everything but the bare essentials and make them look badass in the process.

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